They are one of the oldest social service agencies in Los Angeles, helping a nearly invisible impoverished population as they try to transform their lives. The problems they address include child abuse and neglect, school dropouts, adolescent pregnancy, youth crime and gang prevention.

El Nido Family Centers is losing millions of dollars in public money, as local and state governments unavoidably slash their funding. Fewer dollars means less servce to the more than 15,000 disadvantaged and at-risk children and families that El Nido serves annually.

Their results are impressive.

  • 93% of children enrolled in the child abuse prevention and treatment program showed improvement in academic performance.
  • 95% showed reduction in symptoms related to trauma, child-parent conflict or family dysfunction.
  • 65% of pregnant or parenting teens were enrolled in school or graduated with a diploma or GED. Compare that to the 75% and up dropout rate in some schools and communities that El Nido serves.

Private donations to El Nido are more important than ever, and can help their 15 successful programs alive. Please make an online donation today, or consider buying tickets or sponsoring the Champions for Families dinner on Sept. 15, 2011 at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles.