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Crazy unusable stock photos

In my job as a publications manager, I spend a fair amount of time looking for stock photos to use in brochures, reports, web sites and presentations. It’s not always the most creative endeavor — usually I’m just looking for a fresh take on people in business attire talking, someone using a computer, etc. This kind of thing:


So when a co-worker sent me a link to this list of wildly useless stock photos, I was instantly entertained.What on earth were these photographers/designers thinking? My personal favorite is the mischievous looking dog with a donut on his head. 


What could its intended purpose be? Dog obedience brochure (“look, my dog is still in his stay even with a luscious donut on his head!”) or worse, an ad for deep fried breakfast treats (“Fido knows that Dunkin’ Donuts has the freshest donuts in town!”)? 

Enjoy this abridged collection of my favorites, and check out the links if you want more.



Awkward Stock Photos:


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